Village Tech focuses on small and medium-sized businesses with the need for entry and advanced marketing techniques. We offer an incoming lead approach to Indianapolis internet marketing. This approach rewards you with qualified leads for your business. Nurture these leads with compelling subject matter and they will become customers!

We have found businesses (new or existing) usually invest in some type of online website; however, their website is not responsive to mobile and lack social media development. Social media is a growing factor that determines whether a website is not picked up (indexed) by the major Search Engines.

Most businesses today are faced with the reality of reduced consumer spend. Overall the consumer spending is down, however, consumers are still spending. Our Indianapolis internet marketing specialists offer comprehensive internet marketing solutions focused on the consumers who are still buying.

Village Tech employs digital marketing specialists with online marketing experience. Some have started their own businesses, giving them “real world” experience. What this means to you: Village Tech will assist you in developing an internet marketing plan based on your industry.